Patent № 93979  SPIN CASTING SYSTEM WITH HORIZONTAL AXIS OF ROTATION (the priority from 21.06.2010).

     The present invention relates to the production of castings, in particular rolls, by centrifugal method. A centrifugal casting machine with horizontal axis of rotation comprises a filling device, a carrying frame, support frames and support rollers, a mould, safety rolls mounted with a gap relative to rims for sliding of mould, a casing, two engines and an intermediate frame elastically mounted relative to the supporting frame in three directions and made with a seat for support frames in the form of a keyway, in the case elasticity in axial and transverse directions is provided by adjustable effort of tightening screw connections, and the safety rolls are located in pairs of support rolls on the carrying frame at the level of the center of gravity of the mould, and the engines are mounted on the carrying frame rigidly attached to the foundation, connected to the drive support rolls mounted elastically relative to the foundation through cardan shafts. The technical result: elimination of defects of castings by reducing vibration and beating mould, increasing service life of support rolls, facilitating access to the mechanisms of the system during maintenance works, reducing intensity of the noise.



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19 August 2019

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